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About Us


Welcome to The Bull Pub – Official Website

The Bull appeals to a diverse range of regulars but still brings in new faces with its range of¬†facilities and fine ales. For the older generations there is the ‘Must Have’ pool table & darts room, for the¬†children there is A Giant Connect 4 & the Wii console. There is also a large garden area which attracts the sun all day with something for all ages!


The Bull pub has been part of Horley town since 1953, previously the building was owned by George Strawson A quaker. The previous Landlord Fred Bull Changed the name of the Pub from the Rainbow to The Bull in 1990 before selling the lease to the new occupants back in 2008 and since then the Bull has been transformed into quite the hot spot and it is one of the last proper pubs standing strong.

The Team

Chris Hancock

Chris is the Landlord of the Pub and has been since 2008. He is the main point of contact for any business decisions as well as any other matter.


Wendy Hancock

Wendy is the Landlady of the Pub & Chris’s Wife. She helps run the bar and keeps the punters in check! Ask her for tickets for the weekly raffle and bonus ball.


Ross Hancock

Ross Is the Son of Wendy & Chris and helps run the bar a couple of days a week. He also loves to get his voice heard at the meat raffle every Friday.



Frankie can often be found socialising with the customers or chilling out on the sofa’s. Please don’t be offended if he pokes his tongue out at you he does that to everyone!


DJ Donkey

Can be found on a Friday night in his stable at the Bull